Equipment Selection

At Lone Star Disposal, we provide our customers with equipment solutions designed to handle dry and wet waste streams, difficult to handle waste, recyclable materials, and space limited areas.  Each piece of waste compaction and waste handling equipment we utilize is specified with safety, efficiency, value and ease of use in mind.

Stationary Waste Compactors


When it comes to specifying, installing and servicing Stationary Compactors, nobody does it better than Lone Star Disposal.  Our Stationary Compactors are designed to deliver reliable performance in both commercial and industrial applications.  Each of our Stationary Compactors is designed to be highly efficient, safe and built to last for years while providing trouble free service.


Stationary Compactors are generally designed for dry waste streams.  Stationary Compactors allow customers to reduce the frequency of collection pick-ups and compact even hard to handle bulky waste.  The reliable performance of Stationary Compactors is ideal for commercial or industrial locations. Stationary Compactors are available with charge box capacities from 2 cubic yards through 5.5 cubic yards.  These machines are typically paired with 40 cubic yard receiver containers however custom receiver containers are available to fit limited footprint or limited clearance applications.  During waste collection service, only the receiver box is removed from the site and taken to the landfill.


Whether you need to improve efficiency and reduce the frequency of collection pickups, manage difficult to compact refuse, or find a solution for a limited footprint application, Lone Star Disposal has the Stationary Waste Compaction solution for you!


Waste Compaction Precrushers



Lone Star Disposal can provide powerful stationary Precrushers to safely process bulk waste such as pallets, skids, and 55-gallon drums while achieving 30% or greater compaction results as compared to a standard waste compactor.  Many commercial and industrial facilities produce large and bulky waste that is difficult to manage without the benefits of a Precrusher.  Lone Star Disposal can build custom Precrusher applications with sizes up to 5.5 cubic yard capacity that keep facilities debris free.  Customers often utilize Precrushers to efficiently and safely handle wood, metal, glass, drums and to provide off-spec product destruction.

Receiver Containers


Lone Star Disposal Receiver Containers are paired with stationary compactors to provide waste material storage capacity in between collection services.  Receiver Containers are typically specified in 30 cubic yard and 40 cubic yard sizes with custom sizes available to handle limited foot-print or low-clearance applications.

Lone Star Disposal’s Receiver Containers are designed with a contoured end, which creates a rolling effect as solid waste is compressed inside the container.  This unique design fills every void and results in highly dense waste compaction which lowers customer’s costs by reducing the frequency of hauling.

Self-Contained Waste Compactors

Trash Compactor


Lone Star Disposal’s Self-Contained Waste Compactors are state-of-the-art machines designed to safely and efficiently handle both wet and dry waste streams.  Our Self-Contained compactors are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 15 cubic yards up to 39 cubic yards.  Custom sizes are also available to handle limited foot-print or low-clearance applications.  These units are designed to store and transport your waste, prevent contamination of public areas in accordance with local health department requirements, improve working conditions for your employees, and reduce labor and collection costs associated with disposal and hauling.  Lone Star Disposal’s Self-Contained Compactors offer maximum benefits for:


bullet pointMulti-family complexes

bullet pointMalls

bullet pointSupermarkets

bullet pointLarge Restaurants

bullet pointHotels

bullet pointHospitals and institutions

bullet pointResorts and food processors


Request more information to learn about how these high-performance compactors can make you more productive…and profitable!

Specialty Waste Handling Equipment

cart-dumperverticalbaler edit

Lone Star Disposal provides customers with the option to purchase specialty and custom manufactured waste handling equipment such as cart dumpers, liquid extruders, vertical balers, sludge augers, and shredders.  Lone Star Disposal’s knowledgeable team is able to evaluate each waste generation situation and determine the best available options.   We will then recommend a specific solution and install the type of specialty equipment needed to handle your unique waste stream.  Modifications to existing customer owned equipment is also possible and can be a cost effective alternative.