What Our Clients Say

“It has been a pleasure having Lone Star Disposal take care of our needs here on this project.  I’m glad your company has grown in the Houston Market… your customer satisfaction is what places you ahead of the national companies that work on that scale (they couldn’t adapt to the special items such as the custom made stand you had made to work a dumpster pull/return in our tight/low ceiling loading dock area).  FYI- This project did make LEED “GOLD” status and your paperwork helped support that status with winning enough credit points to reach that gold level.  To all of Lone Star’s Drivers hauled boxes from this location, thanks for making a difficult situation into a job well done!”
– Gerald Moore, Senior Project Superintendent, Gilbane

“I had a driver named Dwight do a swap out of a 40yd dumpster for me yesterday and he went way over the call of duty in doing his job.  I was missing one small piece of metal glass stop for one of my interior windows and was afraid that it had been thrown in the dumpster.   Dwight gave me a few minutes to crawl around in the dumpster to look for the piece with no success.  He asked me what I was looking for and I showed him one of the pieces.  He then told me that when he got to the yard he would look for it when the container got dumped out.  Well naturally I had written this piece off thinking that he wasn’t going to waste his time to look for it and even if he did give it a cursory glance that he wouldn’t find the piece we was missing.  About 2 hours later I was shocked to get a phone call from Dwight saying that he had found the piece.  This alone was great news and the story could have stopped there with me being happy.  However, Dwight then made arrangements with me to meet up later that evening to pick up the piece of metal.  I met him around 7:30 last night and got the piece back from him.

Dwight is a man of his word and I just can’t say, “Thank you” enough for the service that he provided.  The missing piece of metal is about 30″ long by about 1/2″ wide.  It wouldn’t have cost that much to replace but the hassle to get another one of these pieces was going to be a pain in the neck.
Once again, Thank You Dwight!  Outstanding job.”
– Ty McCraray, Superintendent, Axiom Construction

“I’m a first time Lone Star customer I wanted to compliment on the friendly customer service keep up the good work.”
– Ken Canal, Superintendent, SLI Group

“Things were great, your drivers did a great job on the drop and the service time frame was SPECTACULAR!!!! Thank you for making it happen so quickly”
– Joel Raymond, Project Manager/Operations, GreenScape Associates