Whether you are a committed environmentalist or just want to do the right thing, rest assured your debris will be handled properly.  Lone Star Disposal is an innovator and leader in Solid Waste Diversion and Recycling and in Organics Recycling in the Houston market.  We own and operate both a modern recycling facility and a landfill, which incorporates active waste diversion and recycling programs onsite – the first of its kind in the Houston market.


Solid Waste Diversion and Recycling

Lone Star Disposal is committed to landfill diversion through the recovery and recycling of materials from Construction and Demolition waste and from Municipal Solid Waste.

In general, the environmental benefits of Lone Star Disposal recycling programs include:

bullet pointHelping to reduce greenhouse gasses and air pollution

bullet pointReducing overall manufacturing energy consumption

bullet pointReducing the need for mining or harvesting of raw materials

bullet pointCreates environmental industry jobs within the local economy


Our recycling programs can help you save money by:

bullet pointReducing overall project disposal costs as in general, recycling fees are less expensive than landfill disposal fees.

bullet pointEliminating the need for costly new raw materials for construction projects, mulch and landscaping. Recycled materials are as good as or better than some virgin materials.


Organics Recycling

The Lone Star Recycling and Disposal Facility is a recognized leader in the recycling of organics and in the manufacture of organic products.  Our mulch, compost and organic soil blends are made from the finest native raw materials and can be custom blended to meet any customer or project need.


A word of caution! – Beware of sham recyclers who are active in the Houston market.  Currently there are only a couple of waste service providers who can legally process/recycle debris.  Insist your hauler provide you with a copy of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality permit for the facility where your waste is being processed.


Remember, under state law the waste generator (customer/contractor) maintains responsibility for their debris until it reaches its final, legally permitted disposal facility.


Know where your waste goes – it’s your responsibility!


Verify your hauler is utilizing a legal / permitted processing facility visit here!


Learn about our LEED Services here.

Relevant Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Rules:


30 TAC § 330.7 Permit Required – …no person may cause, suffer, allow, or permit any activity of storage, processing, removal, or disposal of any solid waste unless such activity is authorized by a permit or other authorization from the commission. In the event this requirement is violated, the executive director may seek recourse against not only the person that stored, processed, or disposed of the waste but also against the generator, transporter, owner or operator who caused, suffered, allowed, or permitted its waste to be stored, processed, or disposed.


30 TAC § 330.103(b) Collection and Transportation Requirements – Transporters of Municipal Solid Waste shall be responsible for ensuring that all solid waste collected is unloaded only at facilities authorized to accept the type of waste being transported. Off-loading at an unauthorized location or at a facility not authorized to accept such waste is a violation of this subchapter.